Valley Gemini SP Sea Kayak in AVOCA BEACH, New South Wales for sale

Valley Gemini SP Sea Kayak
Valley Gemini SP Sea Kayak
Valley Gemini SP Sea Kayak
Valley Gemini SP Sea Kayak

For sale, my excellent Valley Gemini SP Kayak
Currently sells for $2300 new -save $600 on new price plus some great accessories.
Length: 14’ 10″(452cm)
Width: 22″ (56cm)
Depth: 12.75”(32.5cm)
Weight: 45lbs (20.5kg)
Great condition, aprox 18 months use - not used heaps as it was my second kayak.
I bought it new and loved it, decided it was a "keeper" but circumstances beyond my control force me to sell one of my two kayaks. I've listed both and will keep whichever I'm left with.
The kayak would suit new buyer. It kayak has scuffs and some scratches on the hull which have been cleaned. It's really superficial and will happen to any new plastic boat once you've used it a few times.
A great, fun play boat, very forgiving and easy to manage. Only 4.5m long and manoueverable, yet still tracks quite well and keeps up with the longer boats at a normal cruising speed with ease. It was designed as a play boat and as such does very well in surf:
The company I bought it from say: "Gemini SP RM
A game changer in many respects, short enough to fit into the standard car spot available in a block of units, fast enough to foot it on a club trip which clips along at 6-7kmh, and a ball-tearer in the surf (see our video of the Gemini in action HERE:****1563 + click to reveal ). Although designed with the surf in mind, a clever hull shape with more V than you'd normally associate with a play boat gives the boat solid tracking characteristics, and also a surprising turn of speed. If you measure a sea kayak by the ease with which it holds a cruising speed of 6-7kmh, then the Gemini loses nothing for being shorter than the traditional sea kayaks we have come to know"
Another detailed review exists here:
Extras: I'll include a MaxFlyer wing paddle with bag, aluminium trolley, nylon cockpit cover & kayak helmet in the price of the sale.
All hatch covers have been well tethered and I have a makeshift footboard in the kayak which can be easily removed (2 bungies).